RaKang Restaurant Long Beach

895 West Beech St, Long Beach, NY 11561
Call 516-442-1313

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A1. Edamame $5.95
A2. Spring Roll $5.95
A3. Shrimp Basil Roll $8.95
A4. Golden Calamari $9.95
A5. Crispy Wings (Peek Gai Tod) $8.95
A6. Crispy Tofu (Tao-Hu Tod) $6.95
A7. Pot Sticker Dumpling $7.95
A8. Vegetable Dumpling $7.95
A9. Mee Krob $8.95
A10. Mussels (Hoi Aob) $9.95
A11. Fried Chive Cake (Gu Chai) $8.95
A12. Fish Cake (Tod Mun) $7.95
A13. Curry Puff $8.95
A14. Kanom Jeeb (steamed dumpling) $6.95
A15. Grilled Skewers (Ping Yang) $8.95

S1. Grilled Tofu Salad $7.95
S2. Green Papaya Salad (Som Tum) $8.95
S3. Grilled Beef (Nam Tok) $9.95
S4. Larb Gai $8.95
S5. Duck Salad (Yum Ped) $9.95
S6. Shrimp Tom Yum Salad $9.95

SO1. Tom Yum $5.95
SO2. Tom Kha $5.95
SO3. Wonton $5.95
SO4. Tofu Mixed Vegetables $4.95

Rakang Specials
Served with a side of Jasmine rice
R1. Duck Tamarind $21.95
R2. Duck Panang $21.95
R3. Peanut Chicken $17.95
R4. Scallops Basil $21.95
R5. Short Rib Yellow Curry $22.95
R6. Jumbo Shrimp Pineapple Curry $22.95
R7. Soft Shell Crab $22.95
R8. Fish Specialities $21.95
Pla Neung Ma Now $24.95

Served with a side of Jasmine rice
E1. Hot Sweet Basil $11.95
E2. Cashew Nuts $11.95
E3. Mixed vegetables $11.95
E4. Peppercorn $11.95
E5. Ginger $11.95

Fried Rice
F1. Thai Fried Rice $11.95
F2. Basil Fried Rice $11.95
F3. Green Curry Fried Rice $11.95
F4. Tom Yum Fried Rice $11.95
F5. Pineapple Fried Rice $11.95

Served with a side of Jasmine rice
C1. Red Curry $11.95
C2. Green Curry $11.95
C3. Mussamun Curry $11.95
C4. Panang Curry $11.95

Stir-Fry Noodles
N1. Pad Thai $11.95
N2. Pad See-Ew $11.95
N3. Kee Mao (Drunken Noodle) $11.95
N4. Khou Gai Noodle $11.95
N5. Pad Woon Sen (Glass Noodle) $11.95

Noodle Bowls
N6. Duck Noodle Soup $13.95
N7. Beef Noodle Soup $12.95
N8. Chiang Mai Noodle (Kao Soy) $11.95
N9. Ba Mee Poo (Dry Egg Noodle) $11.95

Side Dish
Peanut Sauce $1.00
Jasmine Rice $1.50
Sticky Rice $2.00
Brown Rice $2.00
Steamed Rice Noodles $4.00
Steamed Baby Bok Choy $4.00
Steamed Mix Vegetables $4.00

Sticky Rice with Mango (Seasonal) $7.00
Deep Fried Banana $5.00
Green Tea or Vanilla Ice Cream $5.00
Japanese Mochi Ice Cream $5.00
Sweet Coconut Rice $3.00
Lava Chocolate Cake $6.00
Fried Ice Cream $6.00


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Since it's Monday it wasn't hard to get a table. Well it's a rainy day so I guess it will get packed on the weekends and warmer weather. I ordered an appetizer of chicken and beef skewer with spicy plum sauce and it tasted good. Today special was buy one and get one free appetizer so I got a free chicken wing. The main dish was really good. The service was very nice and the interior was very romantic and cozy.
I would recommend this place if you are a Thai food lover.
Reviewed by Jamie P..

FINALLY !! a real authentic Thai restaurant not only in Long Beach but on Long Island. I work on the upper west side of Manhattan where there are several fantastic authentic Thai restaurants that I frequent. When I drove by this restaurant last week I told my husband lets try it but it is probably not authentic Thai food. WELL I was surprised. The dishes I had were exactly the same taste and quality of the best Thai restaurants in Manhattan. The decor is very nice and the staff tries very hard to be warm and helpful. I realize that 5 stars is hard to achieve but if you want delicious, authentic Thai food in Long Beach, go here.  Reviewed by Greg H.

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